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The Divorce Stigma
In this post, Zale explores the societal stigma surrounding divorce and what new-age marriage looks like.
July 2, 2020
Capitalist Economy
In this blog, Zale explores ideologies surrounding the capitalist economy and its ability to provide people with equal opportunity.
June 21, 2020
My First Year as a Podcaster
What is podcasting like for the new host? This blog explores challenges and lessons learned from the first year of launching a podcast.
June 21, 2020
Exploring the World of Pickup Artists with Mystery from The Game
This blog is an introduction to the world of pickup artists. World famous pickup artist Mystery joined the podcast to explain why the skillset he teaches men can be so valuable in their lives.
May 23, 2020
Religion, Faith and God: Nobody Knows
In this blog, Zale uses his own experiences as a Jew, exploring preconceptions surrounding religion, faith, and God.
May 23, 2020
How Love Drugs Could Change Dating and Relationships Forever
What if we could take medications to help improve our romantic relationships? While this might sound like like some far off hypothetical question, the reality is that drugs are already affecting our relationships more than we likely know.
May 12, 2020
Drugs Versus Medication: Do You Really Know What Drugs Are?
In this blog post, Zale explores the differences between alcohol and drugs, specifically cannabis.
May 5, 2020
Coronavirus in Canada: What We Do Not Know with Dr. Brian Goldman
In this blog post, we're exploring how coronavirus is affecting the Canadian landscape and the uncertainty that continues to persist.
April 11, 2020
Homeschooling: Exploring Education Reform
In this blog post, we're exploring the modern education system and the prospect of homeschooling as another option for children.
April 4, 2020
How to Challenge A World Preconceived
Listen to the Preconceived podcast to discover new perspectives & challenge conditioned views.
March 24, 2020


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